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Princess Belle – Birthday Party Theme

Princess Belle Birthday CakeDecadent looking cupcakes - Princess Belle Birthday PartyLarge size Princess Belle Doll

I have one more special Birthday party to share with you.

The theme of this one is Princess Belle.  The party was filled with little Princesses, and little Beasts.

The party area was creatively decorated with characters from Belle’s Story, which I will share with you in this post.

As a special treat, Princess Belle visited the party.

She read the Beauty and the Beast story to everyone.

Demonstrated the princess wave and curtsy, and answered many questions the curious princesses showered her with.

Princesses wall mural - Happy BirthdayFront Door DecorationColorful decorations

There was a 7 foot Princesses wall mural, as well and swags with huge tissue paper flowers all over the house, and another mural over entry door to the party.

Tissue Paper flowersMore decorations


Characters from Beauty and the Beast story

Here we have a display of Belle, Beast, Lumiere the candelabrum, Mrs. Potts, Chip, Gaston and Maurice’s horse.

The Enchanted Rose, Mrs. Potts, and ChipLumiere - the candelabrum - creatively constructed


The Birthday Girl’s mom was creative with recreating the Enchanted Rose, Chip, Mrs. Potts, and Lumiere.

Accessories for the Birthday PrincessesCapes and favors for the boys

These two wardrobe stands were stocked with tutus, crowns, and jewelry for the Belle Princesses, as well as face masks and capes for the Beasts.  There was bubble soap for boys and girls, to use during one of the activities at the party.

The costumes and accessories were part of the favors to take home, by the Princesses and Beasts.

Princess crownsBracelets - Costume JewelryBeads - costume jewelry

The Princesses wardrobe included lots of costume jewelry to choose from, such as crowns, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

Close-up view of the Beast's capeFront of the face mask and cape


The Beasts wardrobe included face masks, and custom-made capes (creative use of  XL tea shirts)

Princess Belle entertained the little princesses with majic bubbles, special wand, and face paintingPrincess Bell teaching the little princess how to curtzie


The visiting Princess Belle, catches everyone’s attention with showing the magic bubbles to wish upon while waving the magic wand.

She also very gracefully demonstrated the princess curtsy, while all the little girls practiced diligently, of course.

face painting - fit for a princessface painting 2 - fit for a princess


Face painting by Princess Belle, was another fun activity the little girls enjoyed.

Princesses enjoying the swing setCutest Princess Birthday Party outfit


While the older princesses enjoyed themselves outdoors on the playground, the youngest princess modeled her princess party outfit, indoors.

Princess Party foodMini Quiches - snack fit for a Princess

Mrs. Potts - Carved Watermellon Teapot, full of fruits

Here ares only some of party foods I captured on my camera, as I was too busy photographing everything else.

Chip and Mrs. Potts look absolutely lovely!  Wouldn’t you agree?

What a creative way of turning a small watermelon into a cute teapot full of fruits, nicely carved out by the Birthday Princess’s mom. Great job!

Princess Belle Birthday Cake

I just had to share a close-up view of the Princess Belle Birthday Cake.

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Please share your comments.

Thank you.


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