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Rice Krispies Ice Cream Cones – Fun Children Project

Today was a very cold winter day, so my granddaughter and I spent our Saturday together indoors, doing lots of fun projects.

We both love crafts.  Her latest fascination is cutting with scissors, using glitter, and doing fun projects in the kitchen.

Today we made a lovely Valentine owl, Ballerinas in snowflake tutus, jeweled princess crown, and rice krispies treats in  mini ice cream cones, dipped in melted chocolate, and topped off with sprinkles, of course.

Since she loves assisting her mom, and grandma, in the kitchen, making the rice krispies was a lot of fun for her.  Her favorite part was dipping the cones in sprinkles…..lots of sprinkles, as you can see.

We basically followed the rice krispies directions on the cereal box, but instead of spreading the mixture in the pan, we formed cone shaped treats, and fit them into mini ice cream cones.

Then we melted some chocolate chips to use for dipping the  rice krispies “ice cream” tops into.  Next, we  dipped the still wet chocolate cone tops into colorful sprinkles.  Topped off each “ice cream cone” with a miniature marshmellow dabbed in chocolate, to help it stick better.

It was a fun project, and she was very proud to serve these treats to all of us, while wearing her princess crown.


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