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Save Energy – Check Your Windows

Go GreenIt has been a while since I posted some  energy saving tips, which I usually find on one of the sites I often visit.

Today’s tip is about saving money on your heating and cooling, by having the right kind of windows in your home.

Today’s tip:¬† Multiply Your Pane

Save money – and reduce global warming – by replacing inefficient windows.

Clear, single-pane windows let as much as 84% of the heat out of a room. Get rid of them. In their place, install efficient windows, such as multiple-pane windows with low-E coating.


The average homeowner spends nearly 50% of yearly energy costs on heating and cooling. Window replacement can reduce that to just 20%.

Did You Know?

Cooling generally costs you about three times as much as heating. So if you live in a warm climate, you have even more incentive.

Check out your windows, and do the right thing to save energy, and money.

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