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Saving Money on Energy Usage by Your Computer

Summer is here.

Students are home.

Daily computer usage has increased, and not only your electric bill is climbing higher and higher, but the atmosphere pollution is also increasing.

Today I will share some tips from, to help you lower your electric bill, and go green.


Today’s Tip:  Don’t Snooze on Computer Efficiency


Save energy – and reduce global warming – with your computer’s sleep mode.


Be a responsible technophile.

Use sleep mode, and not screensavers, whenever you’re away.

The forgetful type?

Adjust your power settings to have hibernation kick in sooner.



Computers are energy hogs, and screensavers are worse.

In fact, screensavers use a lot more energy than your computer normally does – two times as much if they are graphically complex.


Did You Know?

A desktop computer left on for a full year would release 1,500 pounds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


Okay, But How Hard Is It?
As easy as letting your computer nap during lunch. 


There you have it. Now go do the right thing, please.

Please share any other tips you might have to save energy with computers.


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