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Sesame Street Theme Birthday Party

Another fun birthday party took place, and I was very pleased to be part of it to enjoy and to take pictures to share with you.

This birthday party was for a very special girl who turned two years old, and her mommy worked very hard to make it fun for her and all her little friends and family.

The Birthday Girl absolutely loves Elmo and all his Sesame Street friends, so there was no question about the birthday party theme….Sesame Street of course…:-)

Please check out all these pictures of decorations and games, just to see how much fun it really was.

Please check out this door decoration, handmade by the Birthday Girl’s mom.  I was very excited to find out that it was made out of lots of colorful party balloons attached to a round straw wreath.  So colorful and creative, and I absolutely love the idea.


As you can see here and from now on, there is no shortage of Sesame Street characters in the decor all around the house.  Lots of work for the mom, creating all these faces and attaching them to foam puzzle squares, and crape paper streamers added lots of color and fun.

Here you have the cake and special snack station, as well as the drinks and chips station.  Also, edible chocolate crayons….never seen these before…have you?

This was a brunch party, hence delicious Egg Frittatas, mini bagels with sweet and savory cheese spreads, baked goods, party sandwiches and fruit platters.

With all those selections, the little party goes also were treated to chicken nuggets, veggies and pasta…their favorite food!


Yes, you guessed it correctly……..fruit platters arranged carefully to resemble Elmo, Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch….aren’t they lovely…and delicious at the same time…:-)  The grapes were cut in half for safety reasons for the little party attendants….and the eyes are actually cups of yogurt, which were used as a dip for the fruits.

This a creative make shift of a Hooper’s Store, by utilizing the existing window treatments, bookcase, and empty containers of actual dry food products.

Busy shoppers are making their selections….:-)

As you can see, they did have quite a selection of products to choose from.

The Birthday Girl enjoyed getting into this portable Hooper’s Store and having it drag behind her all around the house….LOL


Since the Birthday Girl has two older brothers and their friends and cousins attended the party, there were games to keep them busy and excited as well.  Here they are doing their best with Pin a Nose on Elmo, and Feed the Cookie Monster.


Indoor portable Hopscotch game was perfect for all to try….even the parents had fun with it.

Filling the trash can of Oscar the Grouch was quite a challenge for all, as it is not as simple as it looks.

Another very fun activity for the little ones as well as the older ones, was creating your own fun monster, from the provided supplies of Fruit Loops cereal, containers of color play dough, a dice, toothpicks and a creative touch of each child.

I promised to display all their creations, some of which included over 200 of Fruit Loops…..amazing….so here they are:

Work in progress…

As you can see there was a lot of effort, patience and creativity put into these creations.  We were so proud of all of them, and how diligently they all worked on these…from the age of 1 through 10.

As a token of appreciation and a Thank You, the Birthday Girl gave each little party guests a personalized basket of party favors to enjoy at home.

If you were patient enough to check this post out all the way to the end, I hope you enjoyed it.  Thank you!

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