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Signs of Spring

Yellow DaffodilsI know many of you still have lots of snow, and feel like Spring is not even on the horizon yet, but have hope…it’s closer than you think.

We had our share of snow, ice, and frigid weather, but we also were blessed with few lovely, warm and sunny days, giving me a chance to take a peak at my garden.

To my surprise, I found some wonderful signs of Spring (No, my Daffodils are NOT blooming yet this year…this picture is just a tease…)

You know how I love to share all my excitement with all of you, so here are some pictures I took today, to prove to you that Spring is “springing”!

Spring 2011 - first sign of spring - Daffodils

These Daffodils are about 2 inches tall now….how exciting

Spring 2011 - first sign of spring - Tulips

Tulips are poking through as well, but I am sure many of them did not survive  the Winter Season, and I will need to plant new ones in the Fall.  For some reason, this is the case with my tulips every year.

Please share any suggestions you might have, why my tulips are not coming back in the Spring.  I think something is eating up the bulbs….

Spring 2011 - first sign of spring - Hyacinths

Here are Hyacinths poking through.  My favorite Spring flower, since their blooms are so beautiful, and very fragrant.

This should definitely give you hope that Spring is just around the corner in your neck of the woods as well.

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