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Spring Flowers in Full Bloom

I have been dealing with some medical issue, and almost missed updating you on the beautiful spring flowers all over my garden, and my daughter’s garden.

My apologies… but better late than never.  I am doing well now, thank you.

If Spring has not really sprung in your neck of the woods yet, this should reassure you that it is on its way.

So be patient, and before you know it, you will be admiring the beauty of your own garden as well.

Today I will share few pictures of the spring flowers still blooming in our gardens.

My daughter loves tending to her flower and veggie plants, and here are some pics of her spring flowers.


Nice clusters of Hyacinths, Daffodils and Tulips.


My little granddaughter is amazed by the beauty of these flowers, since she was not thinking of such colorful final results, while helping her mom with bulb planting last Fall.


These are some of the flowers that still are in full bloom in my garden.  Here are Grape Hyacinths and Johhny Jump-Up (Viola Corunta).

Most of my perennial plants have certain sentimental value to me, because they traveled with us from our previous residences, and have been shared with our family and friends, adoring their gardens as well.


Pink Phlox and Star of Bethlehem, as well as a budding Pink Azalea bush.

Periwinkle (Barvinok – in Ukrainian) is a very traditional plant for Ukrainian gardeners, since it is used to weave Wedding Wreaths for Newlyweds, to be used during a Ukrainian Wedding Church Ceremony.

It is also used to decorate the Easter Baskets filled with special and symbolic Ukrainian Easter Sunday brunch foods, before being blessed at the church.

Enjoy these, and stay tuned to more of my future gardening posts.

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