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Spring In Full Bloom – My Plants

First flowers of spring 2010 - white crocusSpring is my favorite season of the year.  I love watching all the plants waking up from their winter snooze, sprouting new leaves, and dressing up in their gorgeous blooms.

I definitely would prefer to see the weeds staying dormant for a much longer time, but of course they pop out first, and I already had to do some weeding this early in the spring season.

I also was busy preparing my garden patch for my vegetables and herbs planting, since I try to make my own compost from fruits and vegetables scraps.  Several weeks ago I trimmed down my raspberry bushes and my rose bushes, to give them a good start for the new season.

My most rewarding part of gardening is the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, and the beauty and fragrance of flowering plants.

To cheer you up, in case you are still waiting for your plants to start blooming, I will share my spring blooms:

Blooming Hyacinths, Creeping Phlox, Daffodils, Tulip, and white stars

White Hyacinths, and Stars of Bethlehem

Periwinkle is full of flower buds and starting to bloom

Vinca, full of buds and starting to bloom

These Tulips are loving the warm sun

These Tulips are  enjoying the warm sun

Yellow Daffodils

Yellow Daffodils look lovely against the evergreen background

Dwarf Cherry Tree

Cherry Blooms

This Dwarf Cherry Tree, in full bloom, reminds me of the cherry blossoms, “Sakura”,  my friend in Japan is sharing with me every year.

I am sure you enjoyed seeing my spring blooms, so far, and if yours are not ready yet, they will be in no time.

Happy Spring!!

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