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Stonyfield Organic Yogurt – Review

oikos-organic-yogurtI love yogurt, not only because it tastes great, but also because it is a very healthy part of my diet.  The main ingredient in yogurt is milk, live and active cultures, plus other ingredients such as different fruits and flavors, fortified with vitamins.   Yogurt is made by adding cultures of certain bacteria to milk. These microorganisms convert the lactose in the milk to lactic acid. The lactic acid gives yogurt its characteristic tart taste and causes the milk to form a soft curd.

Yogurt is a great source of calcium, for strong bones, as well as an aid to speed up metabolism and improve digestion.

If you use yogurt, you already know that there are many different companies producing it, and in many different textures and flavors, as well as calorie counts.  There are regular yogurts, light yogurts, fat-free yogurts, organic yogurts, baby yogurts, and lately I came across Oikos Organic Greek Yogurts, made by Stonyfield Organic Farms.

In the chart below, I have compared Oiko’s Organic Greek Nonfat Vanilla Yogurt (I was not able to find any Low Fat Oikos Greek yogurt), with Stonyfield Low Fat Organic Vanilla yogurt, and Low Fat Vanilla store brand yogurt.   The Oikos Organic Greek yogurt is made by Stonyfield Farm, is very thick, creamy, has the least sugar and sodium, and is high in protein.  All Stonyfield organic yogurts are made with 5-6 live active cultures, which most yogurts (like the store brand here), use only enough live active culture to meet the requirements.  The flavor used in Stonyfield organic yogurts is also obtained from organic ingredients.  The blueberry, vanilla, and honey flavors, which I tried in the Oikos Organic Greek yogurt,  were very natural tasting as if you were having fresh fruit, real vanilla bean, and raw honey.

I was very surprised by the large variance in all the listed Nutrition Facts groups in the Stonyfield Low Fat yogurt versus the store brand Low Fat yogurt.   As you can see the store brand yogurt is much higher in calories, total fat, sodium, and sugar, and contains half the calcium, of organic yogurt.  The price of the Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt was $2.19, the Stonyfield Low Fat Organic yogurt was $1.99, and the store brand Low Fat yogurt was $.89.  So here is proof to the famous quote: “you get what you pay for”.

My daughter buys only the Stonyfield baby yogurt for her daughter, and my granddaughter absolutely loves it!

Nutrition Facts Oikos Organic Greek Nonfat Vanilla yogurt Stonyfield Low Fat Organic Vanilla yogurt Low Fat Vanilla store-brand yogurt
Calories 110 130 170
Calories from fat 0 0 15
Total Fat 0 0 1.5g
Sugar 11g 24g 28g
Sodium 60mg 111mg 95mg
Protein 15g 7g 6g
Calcium 20% 30% 15%
Ingredients 5 live active cultures 6 live active cultures Meets National Yogurt Association Criteria for live and active cultures
Taste and texture Very thick and creamy Half the thickness of Oikos Smooth and not as creamy, and much thinner texture
Slightly tart As tart as Oikos Quite tart
Real vanilla bean taste Same as Oikos Tastes like instant vanilla pudding

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