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Strawberry Recipes for Strawberry Season

With the abundance of strawberries at the market right now, you might want to try some of the recipes I prepared and posted, by clicking on the links below.

homemade fruity popsicles

Rhubarb-strawberry Popsicles and Compote recipe.

Jello Mold - 2


Strawberry and Jello refreshing dessert.


No bake, light and delicious Jello Cheesecake.

layered jello

Five Layer Jello Dessert.

Slice of jello dessert

Simple to make, yet impressive and delicious Strawberry Jello dessert.

Jello Wedges - Creative Jello Desserts

Jello Wedges.…easy and creative party food.

strawberry meringue cake - serving

Strawberry Meringue sheetcake.

napoleon strawberry dessert serving

Strawberry Napoleon dessert…soooo yummy.

Summer Fruit Tarte

Summer Fruit Tart….decadent dessert.

Enjoy these recipes, and please share your comments.


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