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Suburban Spring Flowers


Spring arrived almost a month ago, but you would not know that by looking at my flower garden.  With the cold spells, and even snow during the end of March and beginning of April, these delicate plants are having a hard time coming to full bloom.

The two unseasonably warm days of over 70 degrees F we recently enjoyed, really had a positive effect on the plants, and helped them open up a little more.

Today I will share a few of the photos I captured of the current blooms.

I will share more pictures later on, as the garden will continue to flourish with more vibrancy.

Here we have Creeping Phlox, Red Tulip, Columbine (not blooming yet), Easter Lilly just starting to pop up from the ground, and Grape Hyacinths.

Yellow Primrose next to the Red Tulip, and a Red Tulip in front of the White Peony gaining some height…can’t wait to see its blooms.

Lilly of the Valley plants only, but once they bloom I will enjoy the sweet fragrance of the tiny while bell flowers…ahhhh that will be so wonderful.  Also, the Viola reseeds itself every year in any place it finds suitable…so beautiful.

The delicate blue flowers of Periwinkle add so much beauty to my side garden’s ground cover.

Yellow Daffodils are surrounded by tiny Viola flowers, and the Red Tulips are getting ready to bloom.

Not much going on yet in my flower garden, but at least the plants are feeling the spring sun warming up the soil around them, and encouraging them to show off their beauty in full.

Please stay tuned to enjoy more of my nature photos…:-)

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