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Super Heroes Theme – Boy’s Birthday Party

Super Heroes Birthday Cake stationI am delighted to share with you a bunch of pictures from another Birthday Party I recently attended.

This one was very creatively designed and planned for a 4 year old boy, with Super Heroes theme in mind.

Super Heroes might be more popular among boys, but all the little girls who attended this party did not seem to feel left out….they also had lots of fun with all the activities, and proudly wore their capes.

Statue of the Birthdy Boy

I was admiring the above Super Hero statue, made specifically for the Birthday Boy, based on a picture of him provided by his parents.  Quite interesting, don’t you agree?

News Release 3 - Super Heroes

News Release 1 - Super Heroes


News Release 2 - Super Heroes

These  “news articles” were created by the Mom of the Birthday Boy, to add some super feel to his party.

He still is enjoying hearing them over and over again, making him feel like a real hero.

Super Heroes Capes for boys

Super Heroes Capes for girls

Each Super Hero attending the party, received a personalized cape, customized according to gender.  These were creatively constructed by Mom again, keeping a tight budget in mind.  Nice job!

Super Heroes Obstacle Course 1

Super Heroes love being very active and helpful…so an outdoor activity was just the right thing for them.

An obstacle course was prepared for fun and challenge, for these Super Heroes.

Super Heroes Obstacle Course

Super Heroes Obstacle Course - part 2


Super Heroes Obstacle Course - part 3

Super Heroes Obstacle Course - part 3 B

Here is the obstacle course in sections, for a closer view.

Party Pooper Poster


Party Pooper is getting a makeover with a silly string spray

Party Pooper after the party

The Godfather of the Birthday Boy contributed to the party, by drawing a poster of The Party Pooper.  The Super Heroes did not waste any time to give the Party Pooper a make over, as you can see in the picture above.

No Party Pooper was present at this Birthday Party, that’s a sure thing.

Super Heroe in action- start of obstacle course

Female Super Heroe in action- start of obstacle course

Super Heroe in action- half-way through..

And the race is on……watch them go…..

One year-old Super Heroe likes his cape this way

One year-old Super Heroe graduated to the traditional cape look

Even the youngest Super Hero (1-year old), was eager to join in the fun, however he was not sure which way to wear his cape, for movement ease and comfort ……:-)

He sure used all of his super powers to guard his snack cup…..notice the super grip on the handle??….LOL

Goodies Bags

After lots of fun activities, food, cake and cupcakes, all the Super Heroes were getting tired, still decked out in their capes, they headed home for a nap.

As a token of appreciation, they received a personalized Super Bag, filled with lots of goodies, and craft projects to enjoy later.

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