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The Fat Smash Diet – First Day OF Detox

I already informed you about the Fat Smash Diet, introduced you to the book, posted the food list, and hopefully convinced you to join me, so we can have fun together.

So today is the BIG day, our first day of Detox, and as with anything else in life, first is always the most challenging. It will get easier with each passing day, believe me, because you are building up your confidence, self control, and most of all, you begin to feel better and eat healthier.

I printed out my lists of Recommended and “DO NOT” foods, and posted it on my refrigerator. My food shopping was done on Saturday, and on Sunday I jotted down my basic plan for my daily eating routine and a quick first day menu.

Grapefruit And Your Medication- Other Home Remedies

I enjoy reading about natural ways of helping our body to stay healthy, heal itself, and even cure itself of various ailments. The pharmacists in my family do not support my theory of homeopathic treatments, and have a rather very strong opposition towards these type of remedies.

However, I came across an article once, which stated that grapefruit juice does not mix well with some medications, and here is what my daughter told me based on her professional medical knowledge: