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Grapefruit And Your Medication- Other Home Remedies

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I enjoy reading about natural ways of helping our body to stay healthy, heal itself, and even cure itself of various ailments.  The pharmacists in my family do not support my theory of homeopathic treatments, and have a rather very strong opposition towards these type of remedies.

However, I came across an article once, which stated that grapefruit juice does not mix well with some medications, and here is what my daughter told me based on her professional medical knowledge:

“It is true that Grapefruit and grapefruit juice prevent metabolism of many medications and it would make sense that it also inhibits metabolism of other things.  However, I don’t believe that estrogen is metabolized by the CYP450 enzyme system in the liver as there are no food-drug interactions of estrogen replacement medications and grapefruit products”.

Grapefruit and grapefruit juice, being natural food items, are good for you for one thing, but could also be bad at other times.  This type of news  makes me think twice about other natural ways of healing, but then again, one should always check with a medical professional, before trying to treat themselves in any way, whether is it naturally or chemically.

My parents and grandparents had a broad knowledge of numerous herbs, and their myriad applications to treat the common cold, soar throat, headache, backache, skin conditions, and even prepare natural hair coloring products.

I am a strong believer is the power of garlic, and a bowl of homemade  chicken soup, plus lots of hot herbal tea with honey, to help the system fight the common cold.   If it will not help you,  it sure will not hurt anything.

Actually, my own pediatrician told me that the best cough syrup for children over 12 months old (children under 12 months should not consume honey), is a mixture of 2-1 ratio of honey and fresh lemon juice, administered by 1-2 teaspoons every couple of hours. I used this natural cough syrup with my children.  It actually worked, and tasted good as well.

My mom would always prepare for us some hot Chamomile tea with honey, to sooth an achy stomach, or to calm us down before bed time.

A friend of mine from India, suggested a tea made out of hot water and 1/8 teaspoon of Turmeric powder, to get rid of laryngitis. It is not the most tasteful mixture, but I used it for about 3 days, and it definitely helped me to get my voice back.

Vick’s Vapor Rub is another “friend” of mine.  When my sinuses are really bothering me, I massage it gently, before bed time,  into my sinus area in my upper cheeks, cover that area with a warm, damp wash cloth and a heating pad, and it feels very soothing and relaxing, and definitely helps to clear the air passages, thus relieve stuffiness.

My neighbor told me that she chews on Peppermint leaves, rather than chewing gum.  I does create a nice refreshing feeling you your mouth.

Also, to prevent motion sickness, it is helpful to chew on fresh ginger root. And when flying with small children, to prevent their ears from popping, due to the change in air pressure, let them suck on a pacifier.  Chewing gum,  helps adults to avoid this temporary annoying discomfort.

My grandmother had a Linden tree in her yard, and picked off the blooms, sun dried them, and made tea from these,  to sooth an annoying dry cough.

However, once should be very cautious about herbs, and learn its origin, as some of these might be grown in less than healthy or even sanitary conditions, thus exposed to contamination.

Herbs are not controlled by the FDA, so you have to do the homework before you buy them, and use them.

Your own herb garden is the best place to get your herbs from.

I would be curious to hear about your home remedies, which you have used and found helpful.  Please share them with all of us.

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