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Grapefruit And Your Medication- Other Home Remedies

I enjoy reading about natural ways of helping our body to stay healthy, heal itself, and even cure itself of various ailments. The pharmacists in my family do not support my theory of homeopathic treatments, and have a rather very strong opposition towards these type of remedies.

However, I came across an article once, which stated that grapefruit juice does not mix well with some medications, and here is what my daughter told me based on her professional medical knowledge:

Frosted Lemon Cookies – Recipe

These Frosted Lemon Cookies are actually very good, and the lemon icing is a very refreshing change for your taste buds, after sampling a myriad of sweets during the Holiday Season. As this recipe is for drop cookies, it is a quick project and even the frosting is quite simple. The only thing that requires a little more patience is the drying time of the frosted cookies, but even that is accomplishable during the same time frame as the baking.