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Why God Made Moms – Mother’s Day Humor

It is a well known fact, that children do say the darnest things, and they always do it is such a sweet and honest way.
Have fun reading these, and you’ll see what I mean.

Answers given by year 2 school children, to the following questions:

Chocolate Cake – Light Recipe

This Light Chocolate Cake is very moist, and rich tasting, but the richness of the frosting is not so light.

The Cream Cheese and Peanut Butter frosting was a perfect combination of flavors and texture.

School Quiz – Cute and Funny- Happy Mother’s Day

If you spend some time around small children, you will agree that what they say, is not always what you expect to hear.

They mean well, but how they say it, can often times turn out sounding quite hilarious.