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Favorite Sheet Cakes – Pictures and Links to Recipes

I have been maintaining my blog for several years now, hence there are over 650 recipes out there which I prepared, pictured, and posted.

To simplify the lookup of a favorite recipe, I decided to prepare new posts with pictures and links to groups of similar recipes for a quick and convenient way of locating the one you wish to try.

Fancy Poppy Seed Cake – Recipe

Eastern Europeans harvest their own poppy plants, thus have plenty of organic, home grown poppy seeds to use in their cooking and baking.

I already posted one Poppy Seed Sheet Cake recipe, and now have another one for you to try out.

Recipe and Picture Mismatch – I Stand Corrected.

A while back I have tested two different Poppy Seed Cake recipes, and took pictures of the finished product.

I posted one of the recipes, but unknowingly, I attached a wrong picture, one which actually belonged to the second recipe, which I did not post yet.

Poppy Seed Cake – Recipe

This recipe is quite easy, since it calls for a can of ready made Poppy Seed filling, unlike when my mom was baking with poppy seed, she had to prepare her own filling from scratch, and it was a long process.