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Recipe and Picture Mismatch – I Stand Corrected.







A while back I have tested two different Poppy Seed Cake recipes, and took pictures of each finished product.

I posted one of the recipes, but unknowingly, I attached a wrong picture, one that actually belonged to the second recipe, which I did not post yet at that time.

All this time I was not aware of this mismatch, until one of my readers tried my recipe and her cake did not turn out looking like the picture I posted, so she kindly sent me a note about it.

To test my theory about this mismatch, I made both cakes again, and I stand corrected, as I did attach the wrong picture.

My apologies go out to all of you who tried this recipe and ended up with a slightly different looking cake.

There is nothing wrong with this recipe.  This cake is very tasty, but it is much darker, and not as full bodied as shown in the  attached picture.  Today I changed the picture on that post to reflect the actual final product of that recipe.

Tomorrow I will post the second recipe, and will make sure I have the CORRECT picture attached.  Live and learn…

Thank you so much for reading my posts, trying my recipes, and leaving such honest comments.

I truly appreciate all your feedback and support.





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