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Tax Season – Helpful Hints


Creative Commons License photo credit: ByronF

It’s tax season now, and for those procrastinators who are waiting to the last minute to do their taxes,






So hurry up to finish it, and mail yours out by

MIDNIGHT tonight!!

Anyway, if you are still searching for credits to lower the amount Uncle Sam wants from you, Leah at Suddenly Frugal, is coming to your rescue, by providing some quick tips, so check them out.

You will find answers to credits and deductions for :

  1. Education
  2. New Car
  3. Professional Work
  4. Real Estate
  5. Medical
  6. The Earned Income Tax Credit
  7. The Child Tax Credit
  8. The American Opportunity Tax Credit
  9. Adoption Credit

If you still did not find what you were looking for, check out another great Tax Tip article, maybe you are filing for an extension and could benefit from this advise in a post on BlogHer.

Wishing you a big, fat, refund!!!

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