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Ukrainian Wedding – Traditions And Lots More

I figured I need to get this post done before they celebrate their anniversary..:-)

Time just ran away from me, but the wedding was so beautiful that I had to share the numerous pictures I have taken of so many things there….especially all the desserts….you will know what I mean once you see them.

This was a very traditional Ukrainian wedding, with the Starosty (Elders…Godparents carrying the icons), the Korovai – a Symbolic Ukrainian Wedding Bread, Greeting Bread with salt and wine, lots of embroidered runners (rushnyky), special Icons for the Newlyweds, the Wedding Cake of course, and lots…lots…lots…of food at the Cocktail Hour and at midnight at the Venetian Hour.

This time I will even share pictures of the dress of the Bride, the Bride’s Maids, and the Starostyna (Godmother carrying the Icon).

As always, I try not to reveal the identity of the people in the posts, hence I will not be showing their full faces….I hope you understand and respect that.  Thank you.

Here you see the gorgeous dress of the Bride, as she is being walked to the altar by her Father…..the veil was stunning as well, plus a beautiful bouquet.

In Ukrainian tradition, the “Starosty” (Elders) would preside over the wedding, be the witnesses and accompany the parents of the Bride and the Groom by offering a special blessing before the wedding.  The Starosty would hold Holy Icons of Jesus and Virgin Mary at the blessing, the church, and bring it to the reception, and placing it alongside the Korovai (a Ukrainian Ritual Wedding Bread).

At this wedding, the Godparents of the Bride and the Groom were the Starosty, and did carry the icons to the church, then to the reception.

These dresses are so beautiful….oooh and the bouquets and just perfect.  I love pastel colors…:-)


As you noticed, a Ukrainian Traditional embroidered attire was chosen for Jesus and Mary, as well as Sunflowers (The national flower of Ukraine) for the background in these icons.

Here you have a special table set up with an embroidered Ukrainian Rushnyk (towel…runner), and Ukrainian Traditional Greeting  Bread with salt in the middle of it, wine, and Korovai (Ukrainian Symbolic Wedding Bread).

As you may already know from my previous wedding posts, the Newlyweds are greeted by their parents with wine, bread, and salt as they enter the wedding reception.  This is a very traditional Ukrainian custom.

There usually is another bread present at the wedding…the Korovai…but these Newlyweds had TWO Korovai at their wedding.

In the United States, the Korovai is present at the wedding per tradition and symbolism and is usually preserved as a wedding memento for the Bride and Groom.  However, I am told that in Ukraine this ornamental bread is shared with all the guests at the wedding, hence consumed, which makes more sense to me, especially after all the work it takes to decorate some of this bread.

This is the guest’s table setting…absolutely elegant….but New Jersey weddings always are, and so much more.

The Head Table for the Wedding Party and the Bride and Groom had these tall centerpieces, but the guests’ tables alternated tall ones with shorter ones, as in the picture above of the table setting.

This is the Head Table….the Bride and Groom were seated at the middle of the table, accompanied on both sides by their Wedding Party.

The Bride and Groom chose custom-made Medivka (Ukrainian Traditional Honey flavored Vodka) as a Thank You favor for all their guests.  As you can see in the picture of the table setting, there is a personal size Medivka by each place setting.

This is the main station with a myriad of choices of decadent Petits Fours… could not possibly taste them all…as I tried and failed…just too many variations which I will share with close-up pictures below.

This is the “Make Your Own Sundae” ice cream station.

Above are few pictures of the different parfait available for more indulgence and enjoyment….:-)

Freshly made, and often replenished, Beignets served with special syrup, or powdered sugar…delish…

The ever-so-popular Chocolate Fountain with so many selections for dipping….yummy….I am still salivating…:-)

I did not take any photos of the cocktail selections, but believe me….there were numerous stations of Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Ukrainian, Seafood, Prime Rib, Pork, Pasta, and Vegetarian stations, with a personal chef stationed by each of these to serve the guests.

Now that you know that….you understand why I did NOT take any photos……I was too busy sampling all of these…:-)

Last but not least is the gorgeous Wedding Cake.  Yes, these are fresh roses…all of them…the cake was delicious and absolutely amazing looking, as you will agree by seeing these photos.

This was an amazing wedding, and I feel so privileged to be part of it.

I hope you enjoyed all of these photos, and you will also have a chance to attend a beautiful wedding like this one.

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