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Winterize Your Home – Cut Utility Cost

Autumn is in a full swing in our area.  My vegetable garden and flower patches are becoming quite bare, many trees are dropping their leaves, as well as Mother Nature is rushing in with lower temperatures.

With Winter quickly approaching, we need to think of ways to stay comfortable in our homes, without breaking the bank to keep up with rising utility costs.

I will share some suggestions to help you cut your costs, and to winterize your “castle”.

You need to do all you can to stop drafts around doors and windows in your home.

It has been known that drafts can rub you off of  5-30% of the total energy you use to heat your home, and this could add up very quickly to a high energy bill, and still not comfortably heated home.

So stop the draft!

  1. Caulk around window frames.
  2. Install storm doors, and storm windows.
  3. Insulate with plastic sheeting.
  4. Replace furnace filter.
  5. Inspect furnace and tune it up.
  6. Properly seal vents.
  7. Insulate between floors, walls, basement ceiling, attic.  Don’t forget the crawl space, and the ceiling in the garage.
  8. Use draft snakes for doors and windows.
  9. Drain outdoor hoses, and outside water spigots.
  10. Vacuum under the fridge, and the back coils.
  11. Caulk and seal where pipes and cables enter the walls.
  12. Insulate  hot water heater and hot water pipes.
  13. Set your hot water heater to 120 F, rather than keeping it at the normal setting of 140 F.
  14. Replace your traditional light bulbs with the fluorescent ones, since they use less energy and last longer.
  15. Unplug your electric appliances not in use (coffee pot, toaster oven, microwave, computer), all of them still draw electricity while turned of, but plugged in.


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If you follow most of the tips above, you will be end up with lots of extra cash for holiday gift giving.

Please share any other tips you might have in regards to saving money on utility bills, and other fixed expenses.

Happy Savings!!








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