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Wintertime Health and Energy – Tips

Harsh winter 5It is a proven fact that with weather changes, we also experience health related changes.

There are more people suffering from cold, flu, and other ailments, during Winter season, than any other time of the year.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Our healthcare providers do not encourage us to get flu shorts for the Summer, but as soon as Autumn approaches, flu shot requests are as popular as the gold rush.

During cold weather we tend to crave comfort foods, relax more, sleep longer, and stay warm.  Warm drinks, and hearty soups, also gain popularity.

I came across a very interesting article written by Dr. Mao, about longevity and Five Chinese secrets of maintaining health and energy during the Winter season.

Winter: the sleep of nature

The winter season is when nature sleeps, and everything experiences the slowing of natural processes — even our bodies. Humans stopped hibernating like their ancestral cousins long ago, but our bodies still experience the natural inclination to slow down in winter. The winter is a time to come back to quietness and rebuild your energy reserves.

I encourage you to read the complete article to be ideally informed, but I will post the headings of the Five Chinese Secrets to Winter Health:

1. Early to bed, rise when the sun is up

2. Be contented

3. Nurture energy storage

4. Eat for the season: no raw, cold foods

5. Avoid coldness and linger around warmth

So, what do you think?

Were you surprised by any of the items you read about?

How do you change your lifestyle during the cold winter season?

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