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Your Home Appliances And KWH Usage

The major energy users in your home are:

  • The heating/cooling system
  • Electric water heater
  • Refrigerator
  • Dryer
  • Lighting

Based on the KWH usage you can calculate the $$ it will cost you to operate these:


This information is very helpful in planning your utility budget, since even though you do not have control over the rates being charged, you can control the total KWH usage in your home.  Also, replacing old appliances with new energy efficient ones, rather than repairing these, is a wiser decision, and saves you money in a long run.  Even on a tight budget, you can find very reasonably priced brand new appliances in outlet stores, and scratch-n-dent outlets.

4 thoughts on “Your Home Appliances And KWH Usage”

  1. Sheila says:

    And of course, the airconditioner has to use up all that energy. I hate living in the tropics! Boo 🙂

  2. Suburban Grandma says:

    Ooooh, but you need to be thankful to those who invented this wonderful cooling aid, because life would not be the same without it.

  3. rekhashridevi says:

    Yes, this information is indeed very helpful in planning my utility budget. Thank you so much for sharing this useful info.

  4. Suburban Grandma says:

    You are welcome.
    Good luck with you budget. Save lots of money on your utility bills, to spend on fun things.

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