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Zucchini Season – My Organic Garden

Stiped ZucchiniLast year I did not have good experience with growing my squash and zucchini.  They were overcrowding the rest of my garden plants, so I transplanted them to a different location, and they did not like that at all.

This year I had a better plan, and gave them more growing room in my newly expanded garden patch.

I planted four zucchini plants and four squash plants, but one of my zucchini plants is different from the rest.  It has two tone leaves, and bears same kind of two tone zucchini, as you see in this picture.

Striped Zucchini plant

This is my “odd” zucchini plant with spotted leaves, and it is a much bigger plant than the regular zucchini plants.

Striped Zucchini plant - leaf

A close up view of the spotted zucchini leaf.

regular zucchini

These are my regular zucchini, from seeds in same packet as the spotted one…go figure.

Summer Squash plants

These are my Summer Squash plants; blooming already, but not producing yet.  They had a late start, but it is worth the wait.

I love  zucchini and squash with sauteed fresh garlic and onions.

This year I planted some corn, for the first time.  Hopefully the birds will let them grow to maturity.

I planted the one that is mixed with yellow and white corn on the same cob….should be yummy!

My granddaughter loves getting out the sweet peas out of the pods,  and eating it fresh.  Very sweet tasting little morsels they are!

Please share your gardening experience with all of us.

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