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Gift Ideas from SG

If you are anything like me; you love shopping. However, to shop for other people on your list, is just a totally different ball game, then I will give you some ideas for the cooks/bakers on your list.

Thankful at Thanksgiving

This December I will celebrate my 2nd Blogging Anniversary, and am very pleased to inform you that my readership started with 600 visits per month, and currently it stands at 4500, and growing. ALL THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!

Jewish Apple Cake – Recipe

This year Rosh Hashanah is celebrated on Wednesday, September 8th. It is a religious holiday, and traditionally apples dipped in honey are part of the menu during this holiday.

Today I will post my recipe for a Jewish Apple Cake, which was given to me by a friend of mine a couple of decades ago. I am not sure why the word “Jewish” is in the name of this recipe, so if anyone is familiar with how it got the name, please share it will all of us.