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Weights and Measures – Conversion Charts

Brownie cupcakesFirst of all, THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all of my readers for your loyalty, increasing my traffic to over 16,000 page viewers…this is awesome.

According to my Google Analytic Reports, I have viewers from over 140 countries, and even though the highest three are US, Canada, and United Kingdom, I am receiving comments from many other readers, asking me to convert US measures from cups and ounces, to grams.

You will also notice that an American cup, which all my recipes use, is equivalent to 8 oz, or 250 ml.

To help you all out, I am posting several links to sites I found very helpful and user friendly, which will take the guessing out of your weights and measures conversions.

Here you will find easy conversions for the major baking ingredients, such as butter, flour, sugar, and more:





If you still are not sure, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or leave a comment below my posts, and I will definitely assist with a prompt reply.

If anyone is familiar with even better sites than the ones listed above, please share this information with all of us, as we are one happy bloggy family.

Thank you so much, and please continue visiting my blog.

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