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American Girl Doll in Paris – Birthday Party Theme

American Girl Dolls ready to partyAmerican Girl Dolls have been in a spot light for a while now, and almost every little girls has at least one, but most likely several of these dolls.

My granddaughter chose American Girl Doll in Paris, for her birthday party theme, and my daughter did a super job with planning the food, crafts, and decorations for that party.

Today I will share lots of pictures from that event, to provide you with some fresh ideas for a birthday party you might be planning for your little girl.

The following are various decorations throughout the house, several of which might bring back memories of your French class…

French theme decorations 9

French theme decorations 7

French theme decorations 5French theme decorations 2


French theme decorations 1

American Girl Party Welcome Center


party hats for American Girl dolls

All the above decorations were purchased at Marshall’s, Michael’s, and Home Goods….very appropriate.  These tiny party hats, were made by the birthday girl and her mom, for the American Girl Dolls of each guest.

French theme decorations 4

French theme decorations 6

My daughter handmade the above decorations for her fireplace, and the front door.  Nice job!

French theme decorations 8

French theme decorations 3

Paris decorating theme would not be complete without the presence of Eiffel Tower….don’t you agree?

American Girl Party Food Buffet

Table setting ready for the party

Table setting and buffet ready for the party

The above pictures display a very elegant table setting, plus a food buffet, ready for a very special celebration. Each guest was accompanied by her own American Girl Doll, hence the place settings include the girls and their dolls.

party food 3

party food 2


party food 5

party food 1

French Butter cakes - Madeleines

party food 6

Shirley Temples fancy party drinks

very special hand made macarons

another dainty serving of hand made special macarons


Birthday Brownie cupcakes

All the dainty and decadent food above, was perfect for these young ladies attending this birthday party.

The girls loved making their own “Shirley Tample” drinks, with all the ingredients displayed conveniently on a special table.

The birthday girl decided to assist her mom with making individual Birthday Brownie “Tartlets”, rather than having a traditional birthday cake.

Bowl of candy and fun American Girl Doll Bingo cards game

Build a bear for your American Girl Doll - activity center


cute bear

The girls played American Girl Doll Bingo, and were building a special mini bear for their dolls.

Personalized aprons for little bakers

Each girl received a personalized apron to keep, and to be used during American Girl Doll in Paris, cookie decorating activity.

French theme cookies decorating kit

French theme cookies decorating fun activity

This is the cookie decorating kit with all the trimmings.  The girls really enjoyed this activity, expressing their creativity and talent of cookie decorating.  They were pretending to be working at a bakery in Paris, France…so cute!

American Girl Doll party favors

Matching home made head bands for the American Girl Dolls

Home made head bands for the party girls

All the girls went home with a bag full of goodies, plus matching head bands for them and their dolls. These head band were crafted by the birthday girl’s mom.

It was a lovely party, with lots of fun and creativity.

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