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Paw Patrol Birthday Party Theme

Paw Patrol Birthday Party Set upI am trying to catch up on the birthday party posts, before the next ones come around.

Today I will share some pictures from a birthday party which took place at the Children’s Museum.

It was a great place to have a party for a bunch of energetic boys, since there was so much to explore, a lot of room, and lots of fun.

The cake, food and drinks are provided by the family, and the party room rental is discounted for museum members.

The museum was open passed the party time, so those who wanted to continue with the fun, were able to stay on.

Birthday Buffet

Food Buffet for the boys and their parents.

Pup Treats

Marshalls Fire Flames

Pup Treats, and Marshall’s Fire Flames…

Paw Patrol drinks

Zumas water bowls

Paw Patrol bottled water for Thirsty Pups, and Zuma’s Water Bowls…

Rockys Kibble Mix

A bowl of Rocky’s Kibble Mix…..

Skys Cheese and Crackers

Ryders Ruff-age

Sky’s Cheese and Crackers and Ryder’s “Ruff-age”.  The birthday boy’s mom used a doggie bone cookie cutter to shape the cheese teats, as well as the cucumber “bones”.

Chases Paw Berries

Construction truck cake

Bowl of Chase’s ” Paw” Berries, and the yummy chocolate Birthday Cake, all decked out for the occasion.

Rubbles Hot Dogs

Cold Cuts Platter

As you have noticed, the birthday boy’s mom was quite creative with labeling the different snacks, to go with the Paw Patrol theme.

She also baked the special cake, and decorated it just the way he wanted it, which turned out pretty cool, if I may say so.

The Hot Dog Roller machine was great for the kids, and the adults enjoyed building their own sandwiches.

Lunch and activity center for little party pups

It was a good idea to keep the boys busy with coloring their favorite Paw Patrol characters, while enjoying the food and drinks.

Paw Patrol Center pieces

After the food and the cake, the ” little pups” were ready for some fun, and the place is big enough, with plenty to keep them busy with.

Basketball center

Endurance test center

This basketball court has 3 basketball stations, and the wall mural full of spectators, gives it a colorful finishing touch.

The Endurance Station was perfect for curious boys, even though some needed a little help from their dad, to test their endurance….:-)

Building activity center

This Building Center must have been the most popular spot…the boys just kept on creating all different kind of structures, knocking them down, and starting all over again. Boys will be boys!!

creating with shapes

Huge aquarium

For a little quiet and creative time, some chose to be creative with shapes, or watch the interesting creatures in the huge aquarium.

Water fun center

Water Station was another popular spot for fun.  The boys were having boat races, operated various water gadgets, or just enjoyed splashing the water.  The museum had waterproof aprons available at this station, which was a wonderful idea for these little pups, to keep their clothes dry.

There were numerous other activities, which I did not capture on camera, but I would highly recommend this place for boy’s birthday parties.

Outside of the museum there was a costume photo session, where the kids selected their favorite costume to be photographed in, then received the ready-framed picture to take home.

Thank You Party Favors

After several hours of fun, most of the boys were ready to go home, so their parents could take a nap…:-).  They each were presented with a personalized “Thank You” favor bags to enjoy at home.

Personalized Birthday Banner

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