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August Flower Garden

It has been a while since I shared any of the blooming flowers in my garden, hence today is the day.

Unfortunately, I was unable to add any new plants to my garden this year, since I diligently followed the COVID19 Stay Home policy, and refrained from any unnecessary shopping outings.


Tall Red Canna Lily, and a dwarf Orange Canna Lily.

I have 6 different Dahlias this year, however only three of them are blooming so far.


My collection of Zinnias, tall and dwarf ones.

Beautiful Alyssum , Red Salvia and Lily Turf.

The Obedient Plant ( not very obedient…it grows very wild), and Impatiens Balsamica (from seeds shipped from Europe by my sister).

I am expanding my Hibiscus collection, by planting new ones in another part of the garden.  I have no idea where the white variety came from, since I used saplings sprouted under these two bushes above, which clearly are NOT white.

I will accept these as a special gift brought in by the birds, by dropping seeds into my garden…:-)

The very fragrant White Salvia is a nice welcome to the bees and butterflies right now, and the Daylily is blooming for the second time this year.

These lovely Portulaca flowers require very little care, as they are heat and drought tolerant.  The flowers fully open up during a sunny weather, but close right up for the evening, or on a cloudy day.  I tried to collect their seeds to plant them in other areas of my garden, but they do best by self seeding and sprouting in the spring.

Last but not least, is my surprise flower, Pink Petunia. Here again, it just appeared in my flower bed.  I almost pulled it out at first, thinking it was a weed, until I realized that the little leaves resembled a Petunia plant.  I am glad I gave it a chance to mature and provide these gorgeous blooms.  This is an annual plant, however as you see, it reseeds itself and becomes a wonderful addition to a flower bed.  I love the rewards I get from Mother Nature!

2 thoughts on “August Flower Garden”

  1. Emilee says:

    Beautiful garden V! Love your pictures. The Obedient Plant is gorgeous, going to have to get my hands on this!

  2. Suburban Grandma says:

    Hello Emilee…so kind of you to stop by my page and share comments. The Obedient Plant is very invasive, so you have to plan carefully where you want it to establish its home…:-) Mine grew quite tall…about 5’… I decided to plant it in a large container buried to the brim in the ground in my garden, just to keep it from overtaking my small space. I can try to save some seeds for you, or next spring once the plants come out of the ground, I can dig up some and share with you. Please contact me via the email on this blog, and we can make arrangements.

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