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Baby Shower Games

Showers are lots of fun, since you get to see so many interesting gifts, chat with some of your old friends, and meet new ones, snack on variety of tasty foods, play fun games, and even win prizes… if you’re lucky.

I will share a few of the games we played at my daughter’s baby shower.

Guess the flavor of the baby food:

  1. I purchased 6 jars of baby food (carrots, sweet potatoes, apricots, pears, peas, green beans).
  2. Peeled off the labels, and taped them on a sheet of paper and numbered each label with the same number as the jar it came off of  (later on I used the sheet as an answer key).
  3. I placed a sufficient number of pencils and scrap paper in a basket next to the jars.
  4. The interested players had to write down the food flavor in each jar, by just looking at the unopened jars (I thought it was more fun this way, rather than tasting it, and guessing the flavor).
  5. The player with the highest number of correct answers was the winner.

Gift Bingo:

  1. I purchased a pack of round multi-color stickers.
  2. Numbered the stickers from 1-50, since I had 50 guests at the shower.
  3. Each gift box brought to the shower was labeled with a numbered sticker.
  4. I printed out 50 blank bingo cards, and each guest received one card and a pencil.
  5. Each player had to fill in their Bingo cards with numbers between 1-50.
  6. As the gifts were being opened, the sticker was removed, and its number called out.
  7. Everyone who had that number on their Bingo card, would circle it.
  8. As soon as someone had a row of numbers circled for Bingo, they would call “BINGO”.
  9. Gifts were given out to each winner, until the last gift was opened.   (You can buy lots of prizes, so you do not run out, or stop playing the game once all the prizes are given away)

Guess the number of  jelly beans in a baby bottle:

  1. I purchased a baby bottle and a bag of jelly beans.
  2. Filled the bottle with enough jelly beans all the way into the tip of the nipple.
  3. Counted the jelly beans as I was filling up the bottle.
  4. Wrote the number of jelly beans on a small piece of paper , folded it into a small square, and taped it to the bottom of the bottle (of course, on one knew it was there).
  5. Each player had to write down their name on a sheet of paper placed by the bottle, and enter their guess of the  number of jelly beans in the bottle.
  6. The person closest to the actual number of jelly beans in this bottle was the winner of the bottle and the jelly beans.  (I kept the bottle in its original wrapping,  so it was known that it was brand new).

There are many different games to play at showers, but you are the best judge of how many you want to select, so the shower does not run for too long, especially if it is taking place away from home, and your available time is limited.

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