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Pink Punch – Recipe

pink-punch-1Punch is one of those drinks that looks elegant, and tastes great, no matter what the occasion for celebration.

I have posted a Baby Blue Punch for blue theme baby shower, so to be fair, I am posting a recipe for a Pink Punch, for the pink theme baby shower.

This punch has a very refreshing taste, and an appealing rosy color.

Very simple to prepare, and one recipe serves 40.

Pink Punch – Recipe

Pink Punch – Recipe


  • 32 ounce bottle of apple juice, chilled
  • 12 ounce can frozen cranberry juice concentrate
  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 1 ½ liters ginger ale
  • 1 apple – sliced horizontally into ¼ inch thick slices (optional)


  1. In a large bowl, combine apple juice, cranberry juice concentrate, and orange juice.
  2. Stir until dissolved.
  3. Slowly pour in ginger ale.
  4. Float apple slices on top of punch.


I used a cookie cutter, and cut out little hearts in the middle of the apple slices, which at the same time removed the core.

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