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Diaper Cake – Centerpiece For Baby Shower

“April showers bring May flowers” (a very familiar phrase), but spring also brings lots of baby and wedding showers.

Last spring when I was planning a baby shower for my daughter, I searched for different themes and decorating ideas. I came upon this wonderful idea for a centerpiece….a diaper cake. I was so impressed by it that I decided to try to make one on my own.

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Tragedy In Binghamton, NY – My Tribute To The Families Of The Victims.

The small town of Binghamton, New York is a very ethnically diverse community. My family and I were also part of it for several years, thus it is very near and dear to my heart. An unbelievable tragedy struck that community, on Friday, April 3, 2009, when a deranged individual, a total coward, brutally took the life of 13 innocent, freedom loving people, at the American Civic Association.

One of the victims, Maria (Mima) Koropey Zobniw, a case worker at that establishment, was a dear friend of mine, and of my family. She was a gentle and loving person, with an ever present smile, kind heart, great listening and understanding skills, and readiness to assist in every possible way. She was an intelligent woman, who was very active in the Binghamton community, and especially the Ukrainian community throughout the US. She touched the lives and hearts of many people, and will be immensely missed by all who knew her.

Suburbs or Cities – Love Them Or Leave Them

Recently I read an article, Suburbia R.I.P, written by Michael Cannell, leaving me with a feeling that living in the suburbs is a dying dream….” In the wake of the foreclosure crisis many new subdivisions are left half built and more established suburbs face abandonment”. There might be some truth to this statement, since the downturn in our economy affects everyone, including the suburbs. The new home constructions did slow down considerably, but I have yet to see “half built” abandoned subdivisions, or totally abandoned suburbs.

80 Years Old Ukrainian Easter Eggs (Pysanky)

These Ukrainian Easter Eggs were decorated by my Great-Aunt and her children, in Queens, New York, over 80 years ago. The “sticks” displayed in front of the platter, are home made styluses, used for drawing the outlines for the design on these eggs. The stylus handles were made from tree twigs, and the metal funnels were made from a metal can cut out…..such was life 70 years ago.