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Ukrainian Wedding – Korovai, Greeting Bread, and Wedding Cake

June is a very popular month for weddings, at least in the United States. I have attended many weddings with various traditions, but if you ever attended a Ukrainian wedding, you can attest to the fact that there is lots of food, endless desserts, special breads (Greeting Bread and Korovai) in addition to the Wedding Cake, and lots of dancing, to most likely lots of very fast beats of a Ukrainian live band.

The Fairy Tea Party – Colorful and Fun

I have a very special friend who loves tea so much that she organizes tea parties with her adult friends, attends tea parties, and now organized a tea party for her grandchildren and their friends. She was so nice to share this experience with me, so I just could not resist not to share it with all of you. She is very talented and creative, and does not only make these special costumes for tea parties, but she also makes beautiful costumes for plays in her area. Her guests immensely enjoy these events, costumes, and stories that go along with each theme.

This sounds like such a wonderful idea for a party. Here is her short story, including the menu, and lots of pictures:

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New ID rules begin June 1 for Mexico, Canada trips

As you probably remember, there was a lot of talk going around about the new travel regulations to Canada and Mexico. Well the talk turned to reality, and the new regulations have been approved and are being implemented. I came across this article regarding the ID requirements for travelers to these countries.

As of Monday June 1, new ID system has been implemented, which is much tighter than it used to be. Please read the inserts I have selected for a quick overview, however if you wish to read the whole article please click here.

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Organic – What Does It Mean?

When we think of the word “organic”, we relate to something that is natural, wholesome, crude, unrefined, untreated. Most often we think of fruit and vegetables which have been cultivated in harmony with nature, and not treated with chemicals found in fertilizers and pesticides. However there is also organic milk and milk byproducts.