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March 8 – International Women’s Day


Today is an International Women’s Day. It is an occasion marked by women’s groups around the world. This date is also commemorated at the United Nations and is designated in many countries as a national holiday.

This is a very special day for women who are treated with dignity, love and appreciation, but hardly carries the same value for numerous women, mostly in underdeveloped counties, who struggle to survive.

When I came across this article about a very intelligent, enthusiastic, and driven to make a difference, young lady, Rebecca Kousky, I just had to spread the word.

Hopefully I will be able to reach many others who will do the same to help Rebecca continue her mission, and reach out to the less fortunate women around the world, to help them find opportunity, happiness, freedom, and independence.

Here is a short introductory for you about Rebecca Kousky and her invaluable mission, taken from her post:

“When–after graduating with a masters in Social Work from Washington University–I had the inspiration of starting up a nonprofit organization that would provide microfinance loans to women in developing countries so they could begin or maintain art- or craft- based businesses”…

to continue with this story, please visit her site.

Women worldwide are connected through arts and crafts, which creates opportunities for them to start their own businesses and improve their own living standards, as well as the lives of other women who assist them.

If you have been searching to purchase something very special, and unique, please check out the links below, as this is your place.

Not only will you find so many beautiful items made with precision and love, you will alsomake a difference and improve the lives of many struggling women around the world.  What a beautiful thing to do on International Women’s Day.

Special Sale – (check out ALL their departments…such cute stuff for children…)

Shop Designers – (look for store locations near you)

Gift Certificate – (Best thing for someone hard to shop for)

If you do not wish to shop, but would like to help out, you may make a donation to a very good cause:

Get involved in supporting women in developing counties:


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