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Christmas Celebration – January 6th and 7th

Kolach by Marilyn KThe traditional Christmas celebration on December 24th is over, but we are still in the Christmas season.

On January 6th, a Christmas Eve is observed by many Ukrainians, Greeks, Orthodox Christians, and others, who follow the Julian calendar.

Our family, here in the US, celebrates  Christmas on December 24th, since our church observes it on this date.

However, we also commemorate this holiday on January 6th, to unite in spirit, with our family and friends in Ukraine, Poland, Portugal, France, Germany, England, Canada, etc., who celebrate on this date, only.

The Kolach in this post has been baked by one of my readers, Marilyn K. from Canada, for her Ukrainian Christmas holiday, and was kind enough to share the picture with all of us.

She did a beautiful job with this special bread.   The presentation is very creative, and festive.

Congratulations Marilyn on a job well done.

Thank you for sharing.

Best Christmas wishes to all my readers, and their loved ones.


Khrystos Rodyvsia!  Slavite Yoho!

Christ Is Born!  Glorify Him!

Merry Christmas !


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