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Christmas Cookies – Test Recipes #2

Resses Peanut Butter cupsApple cinnamon cookies

Peppermint Andes cookies

As you already know from my previous post, this year I was in the mood for testing NEW cookie recipes, hence this is my post #2.

Here again, I followed the original recipes exactly, so I will post corresponding links, rather than listing the ingredients and directions.

I baked them all in 350 degrees F temperature, rather than the higher temperatures suggested  in some of the recipes (my electric oven easily burns baked goods, at higher temperatures).

Resses Peanut Butter cups

These are peanut butter cookie cups filled with Resee’s Peanut Butter cups.  This recipe for Chocolate Candy Cookies was posted on

To make the cookies, I used mini cupcake baking pan.  I placed a dough ball in each cup and pressed it down with a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup in the center of each.

These cookies are very flaky and fragile, so handle with care when removing from a pan onto a cooling rack.

The recipe yields over 50 cookies.

Peppermint Andes cookies

The above pictured are Chocolate-Mint Thumbprints; a recipe from Betty Crocker.

In my opinion, these cookies are very tasty, however the peppermint extract is very overpowering, so next time I would use only few drops, rather than the 1.5 tsps., as suggested in the original recipe.

Also, I stored these cookies in an air-tight container, and served separately, to prevent the peppermint aroma from overcoming my whole cookie arrangement.

This recipe yields 36 cookies.

Apple cinnamon cookies

These cookies resemble snicker-doodles, but the ingredients are quite different.  The original recipe for these Apple Cinnamon Cookies was posted on Lulu the Baker site.

I was very excited about the fresh apples as one of the ingredients in this recipe, making it kids friendly (no nuts), especially for kids with nut allergies.

These cookies are not overly sweet either, and very soft on the inside, yet gently crispy on the outside.  I will definitely be baking them again next year, for my grandchildren.

This recipe yields over 60 cookies.

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