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Butter Cookies – Recipe

I received this recipe from my sister-in-law, and they are my grandson’s absolute favorite cookies.

I already posted this recipe under a different heading but will rewrite it here for your convenience.

This recipe yields at least 48 cookies, depending on the size of your cookie cutter.

Speculoos Cookies – Recipe

This year I tried a new cookie recipe for Speculoos Cookies, to cater to my grandchildren who do like chocolate or have food allergies to certain ingredients in some of my other cookies. This recipe is a combination of several I found online, hence instead

Christmas Cookies – Test Recipes #2

As you already know from my previous post, this year I was in the mood for testing NEW cookie recipes, hence this is my post #2.

Here again, I followed the original recipes exactly, so I will post corresponding links, rather than listing the ingredients and directions.

Christmas Cookies – Testing New Recipes

I have been making my favorite Christmas Cookies for a while now, but this year decided to try all new recipes. Pinterest pictures gave me lots of ideas and links to sites with cookies I wanted to try, so I ended up printing about 10

Sugar Cut Out Cookies – Recipe

I am trying very hard to keep my promise to you, and post all my cookie recipes I gave you a preview of on Christmas Cookies post.

These Sugar Cut Out Cookies are very festive looking, and deliciously enjoyable.