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Cold Water Laundry – Saving Money

Laundry is one of those never- ending household chores that eventually catches up with you, if you ignore it for too long.

You all will agree that if your family includes small children, your laundry chore becomes a daily occurrence.

There is also cost associated with doing laundry, such as detergent, water, electric and/or gas.

Today I will share a tip from, on saving some serious money on your laundering chore.


Todays tipBe Cold-Hearted with Your Laundry


Save energy and money by washing your clothes in cold water.


Avoid using the hot or warm water modes unless it’s truly warranted, such when you need to disinfect something. Otherwise, leave the dial on “Cold.”


According to the EPA, approximately 90% of the total energy consumed by a standard top-load washing machine goes to heating the water.               

Did You Know?

The average American household does

392 loads of laundry per year.

That’s more than once a day.

No wonder using cold water 80% of the time

can save you

$60-100 per month!           


Here you have it!

I bet you can not believe the amount of money you can be saving by laundering with cold water.

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