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Sunscreen for Babies – Active Ingredients

School is out, hot sunny days are here, thus many families spend more time outdoor, enjoy the summer weather.

Children of all ages love being outside, and especially if it involves water fun, will it be a baby pool, regular size family pool, a lake, or the ocean.

With all this fun in the sun, health conscientious parents reach out for the sun screen, to protect their family from skin damage caused by sun burn.

I came across a very informative article, regarding adult sun screen, and sun screen active ingredients for babies.

Please read the insert, or go to the original source to read the full article.


Sunscreen and Skin

I wasn’t aware that what I put on my skin would be absorbed into my body and would be carried in the blood that bathed my cells. If I had known that the chemicals used in many sunscreens are estrogen-like,

When researchers looked at adult volunteers using sunscreen, they found the estrogenic active ingredients from the sunscreen in their blood. And in their urine. Thankfully, it didn’t appear to affect their overall es­trogen or testosterone levels.

1 But what effect could it have on a prepubescent child, awaiting a single drop of sex hormones to start puberty?

We just don’t know.

And what effect could it have in a young baby?

Again, we don’t know.

When it comes to sunscreens currently available in the United States, I recommend using a natural mineral sunscreen that physically blocks the harmful UV rays with active ingredients such as zinc oxide or titanium dioxide—in microparticle, not nanoparticle, size.

Beware of nanoparticles, which are being introduced as a rapidly emerging technology. These particles are smaller than a microparticle (one micron equals one thousand nanometers) and are now found in many products, such as commonly used sunscreens.

But I recommend avoiding ordinary sunscreens.

Our family uses Baby Avalon Natural Sunscreen, a mineral sunscreen without any nanoparticles.

You might also try

Alba Botanica,

or Jason’s Chemical-Free Sunblock.


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