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Dinosaur Birthday Party Theme

All cake decorations are edible

It’s always so much fun for me to attend my grandchildren birthday parties, and be amazed by the creativity of their parents, as well as the delight and amazement on the faces of the little ones.

This time it was one of my grandson’s 3rd Birthday Party, so I will dazzle you with numerous pictures, and few words, to display the fun and creativity.

Those of you who prepare fun parties for your kids, already know how much work and planning it takes to pull it off successfully.

Party Favors - 1Another Excellent Book of Dinosaurs, and Dinosaur decoreParty Favors - close up

There were dinosaur decorations everywhere …

Excellent Book of Dinosaur 3-D pop-upsColorful and durable dinosaur bookAnother fun and huge Dinosaur coloring book

Some super interesting dinosaur books, with interesting 3-D pop-ups, giant coloring books, and durable hard pages of very colorful dinosaurs.

I have yet to pass the dinosaur name test this witty three-year old imposes on me, every time he shows me his books.  He does no let me get way with naming them incorrectly…he corrects me right on the spot.

Yummy homemade Dinosaur cookiesHand crafted Oregami DinosaursSweet treats station 2

There were delicious homemade dinosaur sugar cookies, as well as creatively constructed origami dinosaurs.

Dinosaur cut out 2Dinosaur cut out 1Dinosaur cut out 3

The walls of the party area, were decorated with numerous cut-out prints of all sorts of dinosaurs .

Giant wall banner to pin colored dinosaurs toGiant wall banner filled with colored dinosaursDinosaur cut outs to color and pin up

Here is one of the fun activity centers the children took part of.

The basket in the middle was full of cut-out dinosaurs.  There was also plenty of crayons set out, for each child to color the dinosaur they selected.  Once done, they had to find the matching dinosaur silhouette on the large wall banner, and glue their dinosaur over it, as you can see the finished product on the right.

everyone is digging for dinosaursSuccess - found a dinosaur burried in the dirtdigging for dinosaurs 1

This was one of the outdoor activities, for the little dinosaur anthropologists.  There were several dinosaurs buried in the two sandboxes, and they had to use cups, shovels, and digger trucks to excavate these creatures to pull them out.

They had lots of fun with this activity, and were able to keep their dino treasures.

Carefully chipping away on -rocks- to excavate the dinosaurSuccess - the hard work paid off - dinosaur is carefully separated from the rocksThese plastic hammers create a challenge in chipping away ice particles

Another challenging activity was to extract a trapped dinosaurs, but this time in a “rock” (toy dinosaur frozen inside an ice cube), using a plastic hammer. They worked feverishly for quite a while, since it was a challenging task for little hands to chip away pieces of “rock” with the type of tool they had to their disposition.  They all completed it with great success.

The challenge for the mom was to find enough plastic hammers to accommodate all participants…even the Dollar Stores ran out of them…. go figure.

Dinosaur Egg HuntsThe fun part about egg hunt is to check out the treasure inside the egg....Dinosaur egg hunt - 2

Dinosaur Egg hunt was yet another outdoor activity to burn off some energy…you know these little guys have lots of it…

They were outfitted with a dinosaur mask, used over their face or as a hat, a bright-colored plastic pail, and a shovel to use for very careful recovery of discovered eggs.

Thia activity turned out to be lots of fun and anticipation…as planned.  The most fun of all was to crack open the collected eggs, to discover the treasure inside….toy dinosaurs of course.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and might be able to use some of these ideas for your next party.

Please share your party ideas with our readers.  Thank you.


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