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Dora The Explorer Theme Birthday Party

Dora ThemeAnother Birthday party for my granddaughter.

This year’s Birthday Party’s theme was Dora The Explorer, with her whole entourage, whom all the little girls totally adore.

My daughter, as always, went all out with her craft talent, imagination, and lots of planning effort, to prepare a wonderful and fun Birthday Party for her daughter.

I will share some pictures, for your pleasure, and some fresh ideas for your next party planning.

The invitations were handmade, to resemble a “Backpack”, one of the main characters in the Dora adventures.  The inside of the invitation was in a form of a map, also very fitting with the theme.  Very original and cute!

Dora the Explorer party invitationDora Birthday Party Invitation - Back side

She made these out of construction paper, plus the use of her stamping tools, and with a helping hand from the Birthday Girl, who loves crafts, and helping her mom with all fun projects.

Dora Theme Birthday Party Invitation -Inside view

This is the inside of the invitation, resembling a map, which Dora always carries in her backpack to help her navigate her travels (for confidentiality and protection of identity, I blocked off the personal information about the party.  Basically, I do not trust cyberspace that much….and  recommend that you shouldn’t either!)

Wall decoration 2Wall decoration 4

Wall decoration 3Wall decoration 5

The “Birthday Princess” was helping her mom to color these giant pictures of the other significant characters in Dora the Explorer adventures, and used them to decorate the walls of the party rooms, in addition to the numerous balloons, including a giant balloon of Dora, of course.

Birthday Fun Food and Snack table

The main snack table is ready for the party, and each food item is appropriately identified to go with the party theme.

Cheese Doodles Cheese and crackers

“Swiper No Swiping” Cheese Doodles, Isa’s Cheese & Crackers

Salsa and Chips
The Fiesta Trio’s Salsa & Chips

Veggie snacks - Tico's veggies

Tico’s Veggies

This was a very popular snack with the little ones.  Today’s Moms are doing a great job with introducing their children to not only steamed veggies, but also raw ones.

Stars Jello Jigglers - Dora Theme

Jello Jigglers was another favorite snack with the Birthday Girl and all her guests.

These were cut out into star shape, once again, to match the Dora party theme, as well as an easy finger food for those little fingers.

There were also star-shaped, freshly made toasted Melted Cheese Sandwiches, totally enjoyed by the young birthday crowd, paired well with other snacks and veggies, plus individual ice cream cups. (Parents of course had their own “grown ups” food for their meal).

The party attendants also had lots of fun activities outdoors, as Mother Nature cooperated with gorgeous weather.

Easter Eggs ready to be found More Easter Eggs ready to be found

The whole back yard was  full of over a hundred of Easter Eggs filled with candy and small toys, strategically strewn all over the grassy area,  ready for a fun egg hunt.

Bean Bad Toss, crossing under the river tunnel

Here is two more outdoor games set up for everyone’s enjoyment, as prerequisites to the egg hunt game.

These are: Dora’s Bean Bag Toss game, and Crossing The Tunnel under The River challenge.


Each party attendant was equipped with a specially made “Backpack” , and a map to follow to execute each consecutive event.

The Birthday Girl’s mom was also assisting with further instructions, to help the games move along in a fun way.

The parents had fun watching their little ones having fun, and capturing it all on their cameras and videos.

Dora's Bean Bag game

The first game was a Dora Bean Bag Toss.   Everyone received 4 bean- filled bags, which they needed to toss into the pockets of the Dora Target.

The youngest players needed to get a little closer than the older ones, and that was OK, as long as they had fun doing it.

Crawling through the tunnel

According to the map, the next obstacle was to crawl through the tunnel, to cross under the river, to reach the egg hunt event.

The river was constructed out of a plastic slip-and-slide, positioned over a toy tube tunnel.

The kids had lots of fun playing these games, then running quickly to line up for the egg hunt.

Play yard

Once all the eggs were collected into their backpacks, they still had energy to enjoy the activity gym in the back yard, before going back in for some cake and cupcakes.

Dora Theme Birthday Cake

Dora The Explorer chocolate flavored Birthday Cake, selected by the Birthday Girl, and prepared by a local bakery, was a dream come true for all Dora admirers.

Rainbow cupcakes Rainbow cupcakes - Princes Platter

There were some vanilla flavored rainbow cupcakes, available for those who did not care for a chocolate flavored cake.

Party time was almost over, as most of the party goers needed their nap by now (including their parents or grandparents…), but as always, everyone got to keep the special backpack full of fun stuff inside their Easter Eggs, and in addition they also were treated to additional party favors.

Party Favors

Each guest received a Dora coloring book, and a special 4-pack of multi-color playdough, to add to their backpack treasures.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and felt like you also attended the party (without feeling burned-out, or indulging in the additional calories of party food….)

12 thoughts on “Dora The Explorer Theme Birthday Party”

  1. Lesia says:

    WOW… Anastasia would love this!!!

  2. Suburban Grandma says:

    Perfect! Now you have lots of ideas to prepare a party for your Anastasia. Have fun.
    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  3. tab says:

    my lil girl would love this have u got any other ideas for games for a dora party at home in the back yard

  4. Suburban Grandma says:

    You can use the MAP for a treasure hunt in the back yard, rather than egg hunt. If you read the Dora books, you will come up with some new ideas of your own as well.
    Have fun.

  5. BusyMom says:

    Suburban Grandma notified me that there was a question about how I made the invitations.

    1. The purple part of the invitation was made from card stock. I drew a template free hand and then used that template for all the rest of the back packs. The eyes are from a fiskars oval punch, the pupils are a 1/2 inch round punch dotted with a white gel pen. The mouth is a tag punch (forget which one) that I cut diagonally across and the eyebrows are just freehand cuttings off 1 inch squares punched from yellow cardstock. The straps of the pack are 1 inch strips of purple cardstock attached, with some slack, with glue dots.
    2. The inside was created in MS Word. I found images on Google image and in Word pictures and pasted them into my document. I then added some wording. It took a little trial and error to figure out where to place each picture and the words in relation to them. I printed each page out and then cut it down to size to adhere it to the purple cardstock. The dotted lines were drawn freehand with a stampin up marker.

  6. Suburban Grandma says:

    Thank you very much BusyMom for such explicit directions on your Dora invitations. I am sure this will be very helpful to one of our readers who requested this information via email.

  7. Colette says:

    Could you list all of the snacks that you provided with the names you called them?

  8. Suburban Grandma says:

    The post shows the pictures of the snacks, and the actual names are right under each picture.

  9. deepti says:

    back pack looks good for goodie bags how did u make it ?

  10. Suburban Grandma says:

    My daughter bought the cloth packs, and added finishing touches.

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  13. Suburban Grandma says:

    cool beans….Thank you!

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