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End Of Summer Flower Garden – Before And After Pictures

Entryway flower patchentry-way-flower-patch




At the beginning of the summer, I posted pictures of my daughter’s flower patches and her new landscaping.

All those flowers were so small then and tried to establish themselves.

Today I will show you what they look like now….they really thrive, and most of them are still going strong.  Some of the late spring/early summer flowers are gone, but the summer annuals and perennials took their place.

Porch side flower patch


Here you see the same part of the flower patch at the beginning and the end of the summer.

These flowers really took off….and blooming so pretty.

Entryway side flower patch


Huge changes here as well.  Lovely!

Yarrow, Dahlia, Lilies (1)


These plants matured and progressed so nicely.  The miniature pine bush gave up…:-(


Couple of close-up shots.  I just love how the orange Zennia plant just claimed its spot in this flower patch.

Enjoy the beauty of your flower gardens, before “Mr. Frost” pays his first visit.

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