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Train Station Birthday Party Theme

Birthday cakeChoo…Choo…All Aboard!

This Train Station party theme was a perfect outdoor activity on a hot summer day, for a bunch of 3 year old boys.

Here again, I will share pictures I captured at the party, to share the hard work and creativity of the birthday boy’s mom, for your enjoyment.

My daughter and daughter-in-law go all out to prepare these birthday parties for their children, and I admire their talent, but it takes a LOT of planning and preparation (dad’s help as much as they can…but…it’s all about the mom’s work).

They love doing it, and we, the grandparents, love attending them…:-)

party treats

more party treats

I always start these posts with party food….but just realized that I did not take many food pictures….I must have been too busy enjoying myself…

As always, there were plenty of cold drinks on the picnic tables, refreshing salads, meat and vegetarian subs, fresh fruits and vegetables, chips and dips…and desserts.

Anyway, at least I have some pictures of the snacks for the kids, nicely served in the creatively prepared ” train wagons”.

Choo-choo train of memories

Since this is a hot day summer party, it all takes place outside and around the pool.

The mom of the birthday boy used poster board and created a train, attached it to the fence around the pool, and filled each wagon with bunch of pictures from her son’s activities throughout the year.  I love it, and he enjoys reminiscing about those fun things he did with his family and friends.

Choo-choo train ready to roll

Train station fun ticket booth

The train was creatively hand-crafted from boxes wrapped in bright-color wrapping paper, with black plastic bowl in front, and colorful pinwheels on top, which gave it an effect of a moving train, while the wind was making them twirl around.  The ticket booth offered tickets to different fun destinations, with leading tracks towards these places.

Train tracks around the pool and to each fun filled station

Swim Station

Dad was in charge of marking the train tracks leading to all the specific stations.  This one is around the pool, leading to the “Swim Station”.  The boys had so much fun cooling off in the pool, accompanied by their parents, who enjoyed it as much as the kids.

Swim Station for the youngest passengers

There was a baby pool for the younger siblings of the birthday boy’s friends…

Swing Station

Boys love this station with a slide, climb wall, fort and slides.  So much do keep busy with at the same place…

Sandbox Station

Special tracks lead to the “Sandbox Station”…another fun place for little boys for keep busy… and to get all dirty at….:-)

When the Dad constructed this huge sandbox, he probably never thought it would become such a center of attention on special occasions… worth all the effort.   Nice job!

toy train trucks with little train set

Coloring fun station

These two stations were set up at the picnic tables, so they little “Train Engineers”  and “Train Conductors” could sit down for a minute, relax, and play with the train, or color pictures to decorate the Birthday Train for their Birthday Friend.

Birthday cake

Mom added special effect to this Birthday cake…incorporating train tracks, clock tower, and his favorite train cars… thoughtful.

Thank you favors

As all good things must come to an end….so do fun birthday parties.  This one ended with a special “Thank You” treat bag for each attendee, filled with many fun, train related things, to enjoy at home.

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