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Euromaidan in Kyiv Ukraine – Fight for Freedom, Human Rights,Democracy

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Dear Readers,

First of all, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all your support, your visits and comments on my blog.

I would like to inform you about my intent to take a temporary break from posting to my blog, due to the current unrest in Ukraine.

I am following the old saying:  “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”.

I am “getting out of my kitchen” , since I am totally consumed by the current events in Ukraine, a country of my ancestors, and current motherland of many of my relatives and friends.

I am so blessed and thankful for living in a truly democratic country, where my human rights and freedom of speech are not violated.

My heart aches, watching the peaceful Ukrainian protesters on  Euromaidan in Kyiv, and numerous cities of Ukraine, since November 2013, fighting for their constitutional rights, grossly violated by their dictatorial government.

Many Euromaidan participants are being abducted by Berkut, even from hospitals while recovering from injuries, stripped naked in subzero temperatures, inhumanly tortured, humiliated, and even killed.

Please watch this short video to get a better understanding of what is going on, and you will be appalled of what you witness here.

I am a humble, religious woman, who does not get too involved in politics, but who cherishes freedom and human rights.  I support these values for all human beings throughout the world.

I dedicate this post to the five fallen heroes of Ukraine, who lost their life for freedom and democracy in Ukraine, during this turbulent time at Euromaidan in Kyiv, yet will  never have a chance to cherish it.

They had no weapons, hence not being a threat to anyone, yet their life was taken by sadistic, fascist, heartless, government supported thugs  – Berkut and Titushky.


Yuriy Verbytsky – 50-year-old seismologist and Euromaidan volunteer, was found dead in a forest near Kyiv on January 22. He was abducted from a Kyiv hospital along with opposition activist and journalist Ihor Lutsenko after sustaining an eye injury during a police clash. Lutsenko says both he and Verbytsky, whose hands and clothes bore traces of duct tape, were tortured all night. Police say Verbytskyy died of exposure.

Mikhail Zhyzneuski – Euromaidan activist who was in his late 20s, died of a gunshot wound to the heart on January 22 during police clashes. A native of Belarus, he was a member of the Ukrainian nationalist group UNA-UNSO.Native of Belarus, killed during police clashes on Euromaidan in Kiev

Roman Senik, a protester from a town in the western Lviv region, died in a Kyiv hospital on January 22 after being wounded in the chest during clashes with riot police. Senik, 45, underwent several operations, including an arm amputation, before succumbing to his injuries.

Serhiy Nihoyan, 21, was shot dead on January 22 during a violent clash between riot police and protesters in Kyiv. An ethnic Armenian, Nihoyan was part of Euromaidan’s security team. The authorities insist Nihoyan was killed by bullets that are not used by police forces.

Pavlo Mazurenko –  was badly beaten by the police on the roof of the trade centre on Gnata street in Kyiv, for participating in Euromaidan. On 20 December he however refused to go to the hospital, and died on 22 December in life support department of Kyiv city hospital from pneumonia.

Please join me in prayer for the souls of these fallen heroes,  speedy recovery of hundreds of others who are gravely injured, and for Freedom of Ukraine from their Dictator Yanukovych with his thugs.


If you are interested in learning more about these events, here are some links for you to check out:

I will be back, once the situation in Ukraine progresses towards peace and democracy.

According my  Google report, thousands of my readers are from over 39 different countries, some of which can easily identify with the current situation in Ukraine.

Please contact your country’s government to support freedom in Ukraine, impose sanctions against the grossly corrupted government, force resignation of  equally corrupted Ukrainian President Yanukovych, and do not allow any of those thugs to seek exile in your countries.

Slava Ukraini – Glory to Ukraine!

Heroyam Slava – Glory to her Heroes!

Thank you for all your support.

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