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Welcome Spring – New Life, New Beginning

SPRING 2014  Easter Eggs decorated by my children

Spring is my favorite season of the year.

It wakes up Mother Nature from its winter sleep, brings back life, hope, and beauty of nature.

Spring inspires me to spend more time outdoors, walking, gardening, and enjoying nature.

Spring also brings Easter; a very religious holiday for me, filled with Ukrainian traditions, including Traditional Ukrainian Easter Baskets, and Pysanky.

Since many of my Jewish friends celebrate their spring holiday, Passover, I prepare and post some of their favorite recipes associated with this holiday.

I specifically chose to resume posting to my blog at this time, to coincide with the rebirth of nature, as well as a new beginning for the people of Ukraine.

The current situation in Ukraine is improving in one way, yet being stifled in other ways, as you probably already know by following the news on internet, or via other uncensored media sources.

The perseverance and unity of the Ukrainian nation via Euromaidan, prevailed by toppling over the corrupted government of Yanukovich, ending up with his cowardly flee to Russia, as well and the escape to various countries, of many of his equally corrupted collaborators.

Hundreds of Ukrainians lost their life in Kyiv, during their fight for human rights, democracy, and freedom, but their sacrifice was not in vain.

The current, temporary government in Ukraine, which was approved by the people, but will hold official presidential elections on May 25th, signed political elements of a trade pact with the European Union on Friday, March 21, 2014.

This is a big step forward for Ukraine and its future.

The current political turmoil in Ukraine was sparked by Yanukovich’s withdrawal from such an association with EU in November 2013, disappointing the majority of  the population of Ukraine.

Thank you for being patient with me during this difficult time.

Thank you for your moral support, prayers, and everything you do to contribute to world peace, human rights, and freedom.

I will continue to share my recipes with you, and am looking forward to reading your comments.



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