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Farm Fresh – Buy Your Produce Grown Locally

First pick of Green Beans, Summer Yellow Squash, and Zucchini and BasilWith the summer in full swing, and farm fresh produce on stands on every corner, you really can experience the wonderful taste of home grown fruits and vegetables.

The texture, aroma and freshness of these products is superb, and worth every penny you spend on it, and more!

Shop locally, but be a smart, well informed consumer.  Learn about the area these fruits and vegetables were cultivated at.  Keep in mind, soil quality, fertilizers and pesticides.

Here are some tips, from

Today’s Tip: Taste the True Meaning of Farm Fresh


Reduce your “farm to for” time – and support your local economy – by shopping at farmer’s markets.


Visit, to find farmer’s markets in your area.

Then bring your own bags to cart home your uber-fresh produce.


Locally grown food is better for your health, and better for the planet.

It’s usually cultivated with organic methods, and it reduces both transportation and packaging waste.

Did you know?

Over 3,000 acres of farmland are lost to development every year.

Help slow this trend by keeping local farmers in business.

Please do the right thing, and shop at your local farmer’s markets and farm stands.

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