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First Birthday- A Special Celebration

first-birthday-cakeI can’t believe how time flies.  I have been a grandmother for a whole year already, and it has been such a wonderful experience.  If any of you, who are reading this post, are already grandmothers, you know exactly what I mean.   Those of you who are anxiously awaiting for this honor to be bestowed upon you, I am suggesting to hold on tight, and patiently wait your turn, because it is worth every second, and you will feel blessed.

So, my granddaughter turned one, and of course there was a celebration.  I wish I could share pictures, but I have made a decision right from the start of my website, that I will not be posting any personal pictures…thank you for your understanding and support.  But I will share some pictures of the cupcakes and favors my daughter prepared for her little darling’s First Birthday.

The theme for the party decor was Sesame Street Characters, so  of course, it started with an invitation, and carried over to the cupcakes and favors, and here they are.


This invitation was the first step in the realization of the plans for the birthday party, which also gave everyone the insight on the theme of the upcoming party.  This invitation was created and constructed by my daughter, which also contributed to the expansion of her craft supplies inventory, and gave her a good excuse to visit the craft store more frequently.


Half of the cupcakes were vanilla flavor and the other half were chocolate flavor, to please everyone equally.  My granddaughter had her very own small birthday cake to eat…….. and mostly  to play with.  If you ever attended a First Birthday party before, you are well aware of the traditional cake eating ceremony by the Guest of Honor….it’s quite entertaining !!!


The favors consisted of the Birthday Girl’s empty food jars, filled with M & M’s , and decorated with cut outs, which my daughter prepared with her craft tools and supplies (she loves stamping, scrapbooking, quilting, etc.), and a ribbon with a cute “Thank You” note attached to each jar.  The children received plastic jars (for safety reasons of course), and the adults were trusted with the glass jars.

Then the gifts came….. lots of them….and as you can imagine, the most fascinating thing for a One Year Old is the tearing off of the wrapping paper, and not so much the contents of the packages (hmmmm….strange how this changes as they grow older…..).

I am so proud of my daughter, that in spite of her busy schedule of being a professional career woman, working full time, she was able to put so much love and effort into the party planning for her daughter’s First Birthday.  To top it all off, she prepared a beautiful selection of hors d’oeuvres, plus a scrumptious full course meal, for her and her husband’s family, all 20 of us.  Her husband is a wonderful support system for her, so my hat off to him as well.

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