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Happy 13th Birthday – A New Milestone

I am dedicating this post to my First Granddaughter who turns 13 today, hence a new milestone for her becoming an official TEENAGER!

It is a special day for me as well since to honor her birth 13 years ago, and making me a grandmother for the first time, I decided to take my son’s advice and start my own blog:  Thank you ALL for being such good sports following my blog and leaving such heartwarming comments…:-)

Maintaining this blog requires a lot of time and effort, but then again it provides such fond memories for all of us as I have been able to capture many special moments in our life such as weddings, birthday parties, cooking and baking projects, gardening, crafts, traditions, and many other special subjects.

Today I will provide links to all the birthday parties for this granddaughter from her First Birthday to her 13th Birthday.

My daughter, as well as my daughters-in-law (I do have a total of 7 grandchildren), put a lot of time and effort into a birthday party planning for their young children, with numerous innovative decorations, fun games, and delicious food.

Unfortunately, I only have posts through her 8th birthday, since as she was getting older she began to celebrate with her friends in a more mature way without the fuss of numerous decorations, and of course, grandma did not want to intrude with snapping pictures all over the place…:-)

First Birthday –  Sesame Street Theme, and the ever so infamous ELMO every little one love at that age.

Second Birthday Minnie Mouse party theme.

Third BirthdayCandyland party theme.

Fourth BirthdayDora The Explorer party theme.

Fifth BirthdayPrincess Belle party theme.

Sixth BirthdayIce Cream Sundae party theme.

Seventh Birthday – This was a very special year since her paternal grandfather treated her and other family members to a trip to Paris, France, which was very exciting and memorable for her.  Unfortunately, I did not join them so no pictures to share…:-(

Eighth BirthdayAmerican Girl Doll in Paris party theme.

Happy Thirteenth Birthday !!! 


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