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Flowers in my Garden – Early Spring 2012

spring 2012This year’s mild winter weather is very favorable for my garden, and my spring flowers.

Isn’t this a gorgeous bloom of a Daffodil?

My mom’s garden used the have lots of White Daffodils with orange rimmed centers.  They were much more fragrant than these yellow ones.

Spring is my favorite season of the year.  I love the fresh air, after a long winter, the vibrant colors of new growth on plants and trees.

It looks like the earth is waking up from a deep sleep, getting ready to show off the beauty of nature.

Hardy Pansies

I planted these hardy Pansies last Fall.  They stayed green and blooming throughout  winter (thus slightly weathered looking), and now are picking up new spring look.

Johnny hop-up

Hardy Viola, also survived the winter with its original foliage and blooms.  Now changing to a more springy shade.

Crocuses 2012

Today’s warmth of the spring sun, coaxed these Crocuses also open up nicely.

How is your flower garden doing in your area?  Any blooms yet, or maybe even more than here?  Please share with us.

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