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Go Green – Helpful Tips

A while back I shared with you that I am following this wonderful  website , which provides numerous tips on “living green”.

I love nature, enjoy pesticide free gardening, and try to contribute to saving Mother Earth as much as possible, I promised to share some of their tips with you.

Here is one  I saved for you for today:

Avoid Chemical Pesticides

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Protect your family – and the environment – by avoiding the use of pesticides in your lawn and garden.

Work with your eco-system, not against it.  Plant native and complementary plants.  Then weigh living with a few dandelions versus using a pesticide that could poison your child or pet.

Pesticides have been linked to cancer, birth defects and nerve system damage in humans.

Did You Know?
Most of our water sources are contaminated with pesticides.  Over 95% of river and stream samples, as well as over 50% of well samples, contain at least one pesticide.

Okay, But How Hard Is It?
As easy as keeping your yard safe for children and pets Two Smileys

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