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Going Green in 2010

Natural Ventilation Display

Creative Commons License photo credit: Ryan Somma

Ever since my daughter was in 6th grade, I became so much more conscientious about our environment and still continue to do all I can to support the “Green Team”.

It started one day when she asked me to stop packing her school lunches in brown paper sandwich bags, and suggested to buy a cloth reusable lunch bag with a logo “Save Mother Earth”.  She used that bag for a couple of years, until she made one of her own, in her Home Economics class.  She still is an excellent supporter of the Green Team, and a constant reminder for me to do the same.

Hopefully all of you are already faithful supporters of “living green”, and one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to continue your loyalty throughout 2010,  onwards.

I actually found a very useful website, about living green, and became a subscriber to their newsletter, which keeps me up to date with their news, ideas, and numerous tips.  I have been saving many of these tips, and will make sure to post several every month, to help you to be a wiser consumer, more aware of the environment, and an active contributor to “Save Mother Earth” .

Today I will share a tip with you about cutting down on the numerous  pieces of  unwanted “junk mail”, which comes to your mail box, and mine, and how to put a stop to that, and at the same time save thousands of trees from being destroyed to produce this wasted paper.

You can accomplish this by some help from Catalog Choice — a free mailbox clearing service!

Catalog Choice will help you stop junk mail from continuing to fill up your mail box, and your recycling bin.  They will do it with such ease, as you will never have to be put on hold by a customer service representative to get your name off the numerous mailing lists, they will do it for you.

The most favorite feature of Catalog Choice is that once you have created an account with them, they keep track of your selections of unwanted mail, and provide you with details on the progress of your request to be de-listed.

Now, all you have to do is to sign up with Catalog Choice, lay back, and figure out how will you utilize the extra time you will be saving by not reviewing your junk “snail mail”.

Also, to keep the ball rolling, please make sure you forward this information to your family and fiends, as the old saying goes:  “The More The Merrier”. Remember that we all live on the same planet, breath the same air, and it takes a village to accomplish something worthwhile.

Better yet, forward them this article so they subscribe to and stay informed with all the “ecomii tips” I have saved and will be sharing in the future.

Thank you for supporting The Green Team and our environment.

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